Sometime in May the "Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center" signage went up at the Atlantic-Pacific Street station, marking the end of an era for the Brooklyn stop. Now a shirt designer has created a tee for the nostalgic that reads: “I’m still calling it Atlantic Av-Pacific St." For $14 you can declare your loyalty to the old name, as the Barclays Center edges towards completion.

The designer, Miss Witt, writes: "You can tear the buildings down, and run folks out of town, and spin your tales of heroism. Billionaires come, and billionaires go. Names change, streets are bulldozed, neighborhoods divided, but these coordinates remain the same. Change is great, destruction ain't. When the name becomes Atlantic/Housing Way we might sing a sweeter tune. You can call it the Barclays whatever, but I'm Still Calling it Atlantic Avenue Pacific Street!" Thirteen's Metrofocus has an interview with her, where she also trashes the Brooklyn Nets logo.

Will you start calling it the Barclays stop? Keep in mind, the renaming deal may bring corporate signage to the subway platform, but it should also bring the cash-strapped MTA $200,000 a year.