Photo - WCSAccording to the Times today, Mayor Bloomberg is proposing to close two of the City's zoos. The article doesn't say how much money this move would be expected to save, but it's hard to imagine that it could be enough to justify taking these priceless cultural resources away from the people of New York.

Perhaps the Mayor is just using this as a ploy to get more concessions from the unions. Laying the fate of the poor widdle animals at their feet could melt the heart of the most hardened union rep. On the other hand, comments like this one from William T. Cunningham, communications director for the mayor, don't really build sympathy: "People in their jobs have to move sometimes," he said, "Why can't a bear move?"

[Jen:] William T. Cunningham: I feel sorry for your three kids if that's the way you reason with them.

Send an email to Speak Gifford Miller, asking to reconsider closing the zoos.