A sculpture on Pentagram Design's office, via 1010Wins

That Antony Gormley public art installation, that will most definitely up the 911 call count, is now being installed on rooftops around the city. All in all 31 statues of bodies will be placed on top of buildings near Madison Square Park, including the Flatiron and the Empire State Building. There will also be a few placed on the ground, but the ones that look like jumpers have authorities a little concerned.

A spokesperson for the NYPD told WCBS, "we were notified because of concerns the public might misperceive what they see and call police. We will respond no matter what because you can have an actual jumper at the same building." However, the Madison Square Park Conservancy, sponsoring the installation (called Event Horizon), says they do not believe the statues will confuse New Yorkers.

Gormley, the man behind the madness, says while he's installing the sculptures he'll be trying to get them "as close to the edge of the buildings as possible." So the next big wind storm should be interesting. The bodies will all be installed by the 26th of this month, and on view through August 15th.