With all the trouble last weekend at the No Pants ride, we're wondering what's going to happen at the Idiotarod race tomorrow! The race has been very well publicized on all the New York sites, and the route has been published on the Idiotarod site (starts at Monster Island in Williamsburg tomorrow at 2:30pm[updated] the monument in Fort Greene Park at 2PM.) The NYPD seems to be cracking down on everyone recently-- first Critical Mass, then bikers in general, then No Pants. Will the Idiotarod be next-- will the NYPD allow thirty teams of wildly costumed racers to push their carts at top-speed through the city streets? Take our poll after the jump-- and please, Idiotarodders, be careful when you are racing. And don't forget to write your lawyer's number on the back of your hand!