Maybe they need to make it more... Steampunky?

Is the world’s first steampunk bar (according to owner Andy Heidel) at risk of shutting down before it even gets started? The Brooklyn Paper reports that Prospect Heights' Way Station has high hopes of becoming a live-music venue... but can't seem to get a liquor license.

Heidel describes the process as "Kafka meets Catch 22. Fortunately, I haven’t woken up as a giant cockroach... yet.” Currently he's hosting one-off events in the space with one-night liquor licenses, but has failed to book any bands on a regular schedule because they fear there will be no audience without alcohol (people: make a crazy Steampunk flask!).

Currently there's at least another three months to go in which Heidel needs to stay afloat without being able to serve alcohol, and this Thursday night he'll be hosting a New Year’s Eve bash and fundraiser. The paper suggest attending, since "the Way Station’s survival is crucial to the neighborhood... [as] the first live venue on this rejuvenated section of Washington Avenue."