First of all: they're making a Men in Black 3—make that 3-D—and Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords is going to be playing the villain! The movie isn't out until 2012, however, so hopefully they have IMAX theaters in the underground cities they're building for when End of Days is upon us.

Meanwhile, according to the Observer, as Will Smith readies for filming during these pre-apocalyptic days, he's getting courted to move to 75 Grand Avenue in Brooklyn. The actor wasn't only offered "the 2,300-square-foot penthouse for the duration of the film's production" but "ensuite meals delivered by nearby Choice Market [and] between-takes chocolate massage treatments from Clinton Hill's Body By Brooklyn" as well!

The site points out that the building is just a half block from the BQE, however, and despite being on the market for almost a year, no units have sold. So maybe Smith is holding out for something a little more Robert Neville.