2007_07_arts_cole.jpgThe Cole Bros. Circus is in town...at Coney Island for the first time since 1938! The troupe has set up camp through August 5th, an event that was announced not long ago by Thor Equities.

The Ringmaster Chris Connors told NY1: "We have performers from the Ukraine, from Brazil, from China, you know we have it all here. Different cultures – we are a giant melting pot on wheels, just like New York City, and that's what makes us so perfectly wonderful here." The residents aren't in total agreement, however. On the Coney Island message board one person chimed in with "Hey, it is a step in the right direction...Better than vacant lots, anyway," while others are skeptical, "Thor does what is good for Thor to do, not Coney Island, not Brooklyn. I am highly suspicious in anything Thor does."

Perhaps the skeptic is correct. The press release, via Kinetic Carnival, states: "The action-packed, two hour show includes ThunderDrome: MotoGlobe of Death, Suspended Sway Pole Gymnastics, Flying Trapeze, Juggling on Horseback, Aerial Ballet incorporating Revolving Ladders, Cords, Trapeze and Double Chiffon routines, Dressage and Liberty Horses, Clown Gags, Trampoline, Bungee Diving, Pastel Poodles, Hoop Acrobatics, Trampoline, The Human Cannonball, and Elephants."

Sounds like fun, right? Well the last part about the elephants is a bit disconcerting, as this particular circus has had animal abuse issues in the past, and they aren't the only ones.