0804nubrellas.jpgWhile you may not need an umbrella on a day like today, if rainy days often leave you fumbling as you multitask -- there may be a solution: this new umbrella from the future! It will keep you dry while you check emails on your iPhone, smoke a cigarette, and search your bag for coffee money (the website even shows a cyclist using one).

ABC News tells us "The Nubrella is a big plastic dome that rests on your shoulders. It keeps you dry through the strongest rain storm," and it will only cost you your dignity (and $49.99 + tax).

Their reporter tested it out on the streets of New York and said, "immediately people's heads turned. I was instantly the center of attention." Would you don a Nubrella? Aside from how much space they take up, they also might make navigating the sidewalks a bit tricky given they aren't very maneuverable.