Name a more feel-good, Christmas-in-New York moment than picking out a tree from one of the city's many vendors. Sure, they can be expensive, and sure, they're just dead trees, but it's a real nice tradition. Even if you aren't buying one, they're nice to pass by on the sidewalk, as they whip you in the face with the scent of evergreen while delivering a dose of warm nostalgia. This town was made for the charm the holiday season brings to its dirty old sidewalks, so it's important that you keep our city's tree vendors in business, as Amazon tries to steal their customers.

According to the AP, "Amazon plans to sell and ship fresh, full-size Christmas trees this year." The trees will be shipping without water, within 10 days of being chopped down, and packaged in a regular Amazon box. Depressing. Soulless. Dystopian. Order your Amazon Christmas Plant Unit™ today and get a free can of aerosol Pine Scent spray!

Last year the online retailer sold trees 3' and smaller, but this year they're adding the big boys. A 7-footer is expected to cost around $115, and some trees are eligible for free Prime shipping, with your choice of delivery date. But remember, real New Yorkers pick out their own tree on a sidewalk, and bring it home on the subway, which is a whimsical experience for all who witness it.

And that goes for non-New Yorkers, too. Just listen to Tim O’Connor, the executive director of the National Christmas Tree Association—he told the AP that "picking out a tree and hauling it back home is part of the fun."