Seth Meyers has a delightful recurring bit on Late Night with Seth Meyers called "Second Chance Theater," in which he gives current and former SNL stars a chance to resurrect sketches that never made it to air—either because they were too weird, or too one-dimensional, or too ahead of their time, or too esoteric. With Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis as the guests on last night's show, they took the opportunity to bring back a never-aired Jon Bovi sketch, which you can watch below.

In case you've forgotten, Jon Bovi are a Bon Jovi Opposite Band, who have such exquisitely silly hits such as "You Give Hate A Good Name" and "Dyin’ on a Prayer." Forte and Sudeikis discussed the origins of the sketch from 2009 (when three such Jon Bovi sketches did make it to air on Weekend Update) as well. In addition to literally singing the opposite lyrics of Bon Jovi songs, but Sudeikis explained, "the heart of it, the soul of it, we were two characters where the premise was we hated Bon Jovi the band so much, we set up to create a band that would cancel them out of the universe."

Fred Armisen joined Forte, Sudeikis and Meyers at the end of the episode to discuss the bit in-depth, and let the audience ask questions of them and challenge them to do opposite versions of other big songs like "Born To Run:" "Gentlemen like them, old man you died to walk!"