Vice intern Ryan Duffy; Photo: NY Times

One of the upsides of going to school in NY (aside from the obvious one of living in the best city in the whole wide world) is being able to intern for hip companies, and the Times' Sarah Schmidt investigates the world of the hipster intern. Internships (or "fanternships") of choices include ones for the Strokes, various music PR agencies, and Vice magazine, where interns can revel in their plus ones and the proximity of the hipster elite (Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon, it seems). But it looks like Vice, though "ultra-hip" as deemed in the article, doesn't pay its heating, as its intern needs to wear his oversized, Oasis circa–1999 parka in the office.

Back in Gothamist's day, we didn't get to intern anywhere downtown or particularly hip, but our top internship moment was when we knew the bodega across the street would have the chicken soup Billy Crystal wanted to nurse his cold (Jean-Georges only served oxtail soup).