The Fall TV season has barely gotten going and already we're starting to hear about shows in development for next year. One in particular that caught our eye is a potential ABC nighttime soap called Bazirkus about life at a Ringling Bros.-like circus. And after PBS' awesome circus miniseries Circus, we're so ready for this. But is PETA?

Here's how Deadline describes the potential show:

Bazirkus is based loosely on 32-year-old Nicole Feld of Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Circus, who grew up in the circus her grandfather bought in 1967 and has become the first female producer in Ringling Bros’ history. The ABC project, which will be set at a fictional circus, is a family/workplace soap about unfulfilled dreams and great expectations in the circus world where everyone is pushing the limits, personally and professionally, to reinvent themselves as they reinvent their world. “This is drama that brings the circus into the 21st century, it will take us behind the curtain as well as center stage,” said Ian Sander and Kim Moses, who are executive producing with Kapner.

Our first thought upon reading that was "that sounds pretty cool." And our second thought was "but what about the animals?"

Sure, if the show goes forward they could take the Carnivale approach and make it an animal-free thing, but that would take away half the fun. But if they do decide to use animals, we were curious how PETA would respond. So we asked. And their feelings are about exactly what you would expect:

Unless ABC plans to show how baby elephants used by Ringling are taken from their loving mothers, repeatedly slammed to the ground, gouged with bullhooks, and shocked with electric prods to teach them "who's boss," Bazirkus will be nothing but a glamorizing cog in Ringling Bros.' PR machine.

We've reached out to ABC Studios to find out if they'll share their plans, but haven't heard back. Still, it is pretty unlikely that such a show, if it ever sees the light of day, will include any footage like this:

Update: Just for the record? Ringling Bros. vehemently denies PETA's claims that they in any way abuse their animals. A rep tells us that, "We spend more than $6 million dollars on our animal care—that includes everything from handlers to food to everything else. These animals receive a better health care plan than most Americans and that's something we're proud of." So maybe if this ABC pilot happens they really should include the animals and let America see a non-PETA version of how circus animals live!