The L Magazine has a lot of romance-themed articles (once it's a new year, marketing for Valentine's Day starts), including asking cab drivers when their first kisses were (aw) and some bars to get some Valentine's Day drink on. Basic stuff - until we read the article about the worst makeout sessions bartenders have seen. This was particularly frightening:

Where she presides: Rodeo Bar, Murray Hill
Favorite Drink: Bourbon, straight up

I’ve seen people actually having sex at the bar. At the bar in the other room you stand up a little above the customers, so you can really see them when you’re looking down, but this girl was wearing a skirt and sitting on his lap and they were having sex. We told them to stop and they said, ‘just one more minute.’ And what can we do? We just start laughing. It’s not like we’re going to go over there and pull them apart like stray dogs.

That is so Rodeo Bar. And clearly, romance is dead. Gothamist imagines people would chalk up these incidents to the Bad Idea Bears.

What's the worst thing you've seen at a bar?