Usually when we hear about people finding random objects on the train, they are referring to subway cars filled with dead crabs, used condoms tied to hand-rests, out-of-place patio furniture or comically-arranged sharks. But this weekend, two complete strangers discovered something far less creepy beneath their seats: an unopened bottle of wine.

NowThisNews reporter Colleen Hagerty witnessed the magical moment on a 6 train this past Saturday. A friend of Hagerty's described the feel-good interaction in more detail on Reddit: "The bottle did, legitimately, roll out from under the seat. The man in the suit, confused, picked it up and proceeded to pop it. He offered some to the man next to him, who grabbed an empty Hennessy bottle from under his seat (not sure if it was his) and the man in the suit poured him some wine into the Hennessy bottle and they cheers'd. It was hysterical."

Now of course, because nothing is truly pure in this world and the guy with the bottle is dressed up like he is auditioning for a Heineken commercial (this is not meant as an insult, people dress very well in those ads!), we have to acknowledge the fact that there's always a possibility that this was viral marketing. Maybe it was for the alcohol (although in that case, they did a bad job of making it clear what the company is); maybe it's for Anastasia, the new Broadway musical (lord knows, after staring at this photo for the last thirty minutes, I have a sudden hankering to go see it). Maybe it's an extension of the "see something, say something" campaign that's turned into actual entrapment (this would be a real easy way of writing some tickets). Or maybe it's a sick prank orchestrated by the man with an open bag on the right, the guy smirking while glued to his phone. WHAT DOES THE MAN ON THE PHONE KNOW THAT WE DON'T KNOW?!

Or maybe it just is what it is: a perfect NYC moment, like that time a subway rider upstaged a homophobic preacher with a Willy Wonka song, or that time a woman let a stranger play butt bongos on her. Beautiful things can still happen here, even if they're technically illegal.