2006_10_flushaway.jpgYesterday, we were walking by the Loews Lincoln Square theater and noticed a huge inflatable toilet with slide on West 68th. Seriously - it was for the afternoon premiere of Flushed Away, the animated film about mice and toads and slugs and more in the London sewers. Children who were attending the premiere got to climb up and slide down the front. No one yelled "Turd!" or "Courtesy flush!" to them and they seemed thrilled.

But don't think that kids were the only ones who got into the act: Kate Winslet and Hugh Jackman went down the toilet (slide), too - and The Reeler has the video. S.T. Van Airsdale, who had some earlier suggestions for this stunt, wrote:

Indeed, in the austere mid-autumn chill of West 68th Street and Broadway, the studio set up a huge john into which its biggest stars went plunging cheerfully, landing on a carpet that DreamWorks PR interns stayed up all night dyeing just the right shade of 2000 Flushes blue, yet ringed nevertheless with the hard-to-kill residue of photographers, video crews and, well, me, looking on with the type of stunned bemusement reserved for infomercials and donkey shows.

Clearly someone is either very sadistic or brilliant - or both - at Dreamworks.