The 2016 presidential election is almost over, yet there are still so many unanswered questions. Will Hillary Clinton really manage to flip states like Texas and Arizona and make this a true blowout? Is there really a hidden reserve of silent Trump voters not accounted for in polls? Can Democrats flip the Senate (and would it really matter that much)? Most importantly of all, why has Taylor Swift refused to endorse Hillary Clinton?

Our most millennial thinkers are out there with tweetstorms, thinkpieces and listicles, asking why Taylor Swift won't endorse Clinton. Swift, according to these arguments, has millions of people she can influence thanks to her huge social media following. However, this argument betrays a fundamental lack of familiarity with Taylor Swift's political career. After all, look at the job she's done, or should I say NOT DONE, as New York City's Global Welcome Ambassador.

You might not remember this, but after Taylor Swift took New York City by storm back in 2014 on the strength of the worst New York City anthem of all time, she was subsequently named our Global Welcome Ambassador. The controversial and high-profile pick as our representative in the tourism realm was followed by a stealth campaign by her supporters to one day install her in the New York State governor's mansion.

But since she was appointed as our tourism czar, what has Swift actually accomplished? She's failed to speak out on any number of issues about tourism and New York City. From Citibike's expansion plans to Times Square's future to TaxiTV, Taylor Swift has remained silent in the face of questions from honest, hardworking New York City citizens. When New York City needed Taylor Swift to really step up and soothe a tourist who was lashing out after he'd had a bad experience here, she was nowhere to be found.

Swift's ability to stop Donald Trump allegedly stems from her huge social media following, which includes 81,430,000 Twitter followers. And yet as the VP of New York City Visitation, Swift has been asleep at the wheel almost from the start. She's only used her Twitter account to talk about New York City ONCE since she ascended to the position of Deputy Mayor of Tourist Affairs two Octobers ago:

This is the person everyone thinks will make an Earth-shattering impact in the election? What weight could the word of someone who's ducked every challenge and hasn't shown up for her politically-connected job possibly hold? Bill de Blasio was laughed at, and rightfully so, when he tried to insert himself into the presidential race before he'd even finished a single term as mayor. It's fine to use New York as a springboard to larger political career, but we ask for one thing in return: Do your damn job first.

Swift hasn't, so she doesn't deserve a reward, a chance to play king- or queenmaker in this election. Taylor Swift promised to faithfully discharge the duties to which she had been appointed, the same oath of office as any of our public officials. Since then she's been a total failure as the promoter of all things New York City. Instead of calling on her to make a presidential endorsement, New York City's millennials, and New York City residents of all stripes, should be calling on Mayor de Blasio to strip her of her Ambassadorship.

Taylor Swift must resign.