Well, this is certainly one way of picking up the ladies: this very specific Craigslist ad has been making the rounds in our office all afternoon—don't even ask how we originally found it. But there is something kind of...special about it. Especially the silhouette picture, and the killer pick-up line: "I am a heimisha hasidic yingerman, well mannered and educated, with a job. Who knows how to show you a good time!!"

Here's some context and background on Lag B'Omer, a holiday during which many Jewish people travel to Miron to commemorate a victory over the Romans and to light bonfires. It seems a little sleazy to try to take advantage of such an event, which symbolizes the struggle for national liberation and freedom, for less-than-moral purposes, but hey, who among us can say they haven't felt a bit romantically-inclined at very inopportune times?