Does your subway view look like this? (Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist)

Have you taken the East River Ferry lately? The seven-stop ferry service offers would-be subway straphangers in Lower Manhattan, DUMBO, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, LIC, and 34th Street in Manhattan a beautiful way to get from point A to point B... but for some reason, it's just not that popular. According to the NY Times, the boats haven't been filling up.

"Though the numbers are more robust during the morning rush hours—on Monday, 14 people caught the 8:39 ferry to Pier 11 near Wall Street and 21 caught the 8:40 to East 34th Street—they still raise questions about the popularity and profitability of the service as a whole. The ferries can hold 149 passengers."

Sure, it would be great if the service hit the Hudson River as well, or if it the ticket price were equal to subway fare, but there are so many reasons to ride the ferry AS IS.

  • For $4, you can take a boat ride with sweeping view of the downtown Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn. The ferry is often not crowded, so it's like your own personal vessel! Take that Louis CK.
  • As one woman told the Times, “It’s about having a fun commute. The wind in your hair, watching the skyline come toward you as you approach Midtown and getting to see New York from this vantage point.”
  • You can even take your bike on the ferry, which is a lot easier to do than taking it on the subway. Though it will cost you $1 extra to do this.
  • During rush hour, you won't be pressed against fellow New Yorkers in a crowded subway car. This means no groping, no spaghetti fights, and you probably won't even notice if someone clips their nails.
  • It's fast: To get from the first to last stop (Pier 11 to 34th Street, or vice versa) only takes about 29 minutes.
  • If you don't want to keep buying $4 one-off tickets, you can go for an all day pass for $12, or a monthly unlimited pass for $140.
  • Sometimes there are snacks and coffee served ON THE FERRY, and we've brought beer on board without anyone raising an eyebrow. That's right, you can enjoy your ride with a cupcake, or whatever you want. It's like a little waterborne vacation!
  • Also, your subway stop does not look like this:

Photo by Jen Carlson/Gothamist

So, why aren't you guys getting on board?