New York City as Neverland is hardly a new concept ever since J. M. Barrie created the fictional land where no one grows up. But lately, it seems little bit real, and Boinkology is the latest to pick up on the concept, using Tumblr creator David Karp -- who said, “It’s really easy to be slutty these day" -- as a muse.

Boinkology's top 5 list of why New York is like Neverland revolves around sex, drugs and...more sex. Our singles city is already female dominated, and with new recruits coming in every day, the phrase "long term" has disappeared from our vocabulary. The top 5 includes:

• You’re just going to have to accept the fact that you’ll probably have roommates into your 30’s, even if you’re a multi-millionaire.

• You never need to learn how to drive — permanent adolescence!

Well, even Peter Pan probably wanted to drive.

Photograph of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on Halloween by Zodak on Flickr