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We have a lot of opinions about outdoor movies here, like how Sharknado should never be on an outdoor movie series lineup—and it's possible we're still just power tripping off our recent Sharknado vs. Fear And Loathing win, but we'd like to make one more change. We'd like it very much if there were outdoor movies in the fall.

Nobody freak out—you can still have your outdoor movies in the summer. No one will take those away from those of you who enjoy sitting on a crowded lawn with sweaty people and the humidity smothering you like a warm, moist blanket as you watch Breakfast At Tiffanys. Don't you worry about that. That's going to happen next summer and forever. We're just proposing that there be a fall outdoor movie series as well. Why should Summer People have all the fun?

Think about it: sipping on your Pumpkin Spice Latte (and hey, maybe put a little rum in there? It's AUTUMN, time to feel alive)... and there you are, sitting on your fleece blanket with your flannel-clad boyfriend who has made his seasonal transition into Mr. Autumn. He's hugging you, but not in that suffocating way that typically makes you want to run very fast in the other direction because god he just loves you too much it's weird... just in a sweet way that takes the slight chill away from the air. And as you melt into the warmth of his body, you realize this is the best time you've ever had watching Nightmare On Elm Street. And it's funny, isn't it, how in this golden Autumn light he looks a bit like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook? Also it was so nice of your friend Peggy to bring that Maple-Crusted Squash-Thyme Casserole, which will pair perfectly with that Thermos of robust red wine you brought. You wonder why you guys don't all hang out that often anymore, and decide to change that.

Hey, is that a random stranger handing out candy apples in the distance? Man, this weather really puts people in a good mood. Kind of makes you wonder why every outdoor movies series in NYC is held during the hottest, most humid months of the year...