For their Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion exhibition, the Department of Transportation has brought together 19 artists to offer different visions representing their urban ideal in a city shaped by mass transit. Some of these are just cool looking physical things you can touch but don't really say much about the state of how we move in the city—like this cool thing that was just installed:

Unparallel Way by Emily Weiskopf at 4th Avenue and 3rd in Brooklyn

While others are like this rendering of a monorail that brings you from Manhattan to Coney Island WHY DON'T WE HAVE THIS?

Detail from Martin McCormack, “A Proposal for a Rail Link Connecting Midtown Manhattan, 2 Pulaski St, Brooklyn and Coney Island"

"Some artists take inspiration from Brooklyn’s existing transportation landscape, while others ask the questions, through exaggeratedly Utopian and Dystopian transportation proposals, 'Who gets to make decisions about the future of transit?' and, 'What role can artists play?'

And also why don't we have a g-ddamn monorail?

Events will be held throughout the exhibition, which ends January 12th.