No one loves bitching about MTV not playing music videos anymore than those born in the 1970s and 1980s. That's why we've been slowly revisiting each of the network's good years, starting from the beginning—we just want to feel alive again in a world where 16 And Pregnant has taken the place of EPIC MUSICAL VIDEOS like "November Rain." But how did we get here—why did everything have to change? While many may blame the reality television boom for the ultimate demise of the original MTV programming format, in the below video one man* tells us that we brought it all upon ourselves.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Should we ALL preserve your precious sleepover moments spent watching promotional materials for record labels... the answer is: fuck you. Music videos were only worth making if they had actual promotional power behind them. And the game has changed. YOUR generation—not the one before you, not the one after you—decided to steal music. And music videos are more worthless than ever before."

So really, like with so many things, it's the millennials' fault. Whatever, long live VH1 Classic.

And seriously, "November Rain" was really good:

*This is obviously COMEDY and not real, which we didn't think we had to point out here, but apparently we do!