The asking price on this New Paltz dome home has been steadily plummeting over the past year-and-a-half, from $1.2 million in March of 2014 to its current price of $899K. The nearly 3,000-square-foot dome looks like a UFO crafted by Paul Bunyan, and on top of normal house stuff—3 bedrooms, library, 2.5 baths, 40' curved cedar deck, open living area—it ROTATES.

According to the listing, "This environmentally constructed Dome can be rotated by a remote control utilizing Passive Solar Energy." This allows you to look out over the 28-acres of land from every possible angle.

The Domespace home was built 15 years ago for Manhattanite Shiva Vencat, who used it as a vacation home. Vencat ran into some obstacles during the lengthy building process, and now with selling it. According to the NY Times, dome homes have been on the decline for various reasons, namely: money.

David B. South, head of the Monolithic Dome Institute and a builder of dome houses, schools and athletic facilities of his own design, said his Texas-based company was erecting as many as 100 homes a year until regulations like the Dodd-Frank Act took effect, forcing banks to look harder at the marketability of the homes they were underwriting. “Now it’s eight to 10 a year if we’re lucky,” Mr. South said.

It's like the Futuro House all over again!