Ok, so MTV's VMAs have ditched their New York roots in favor of LA for their 27th year, but that doesn't mean the east coast is getting completely left out of the equation. Actually, it means we can just enjoy the antics from afar, instead of dealing with the (bigger) throngs of people surrounding Radio City Music Hall. But could tomorrow's performances by Drake and the Biebs ever top the madness of years past?

Besides Kanye's instant-meme speech last year, Holy Taco says the show has been quite tame in the past years. Their most recent "great moment" happened in 2005, when R.Kelly performing his ridiculously epic "Trapped In The Closet" opera. Before that, they mention the Britney/Madonna/Christina kiss, the Lil' Kim boob-shake, and Andrew Dice Clay's "vulgar, misogynist" performance. They had no love for the "Wake Up at Three" nutjob: