Ridiculously hot subway platforms. Sudden train breakdowns. Idiot subway surfers. Massive delays. Seemingly endless construction projects. It seems more and more that our beloved subway system is solely the realm of bad moods, bad vibes, and bad planning. But it's really not all bad all the time—as the videos below show, nice things do happen on the subway.

What I witnessed today on the train. I almost cried y’all ❤️.

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The videos above (and make sure to watch them all) took place on the train last week. They show a kind NYC straphanger letting the curious child sitting next to him play with a game on his phone. The uploader wrote on Instagram, "What I witnessed today on the train. I almost cried y’all." And... that's it.

It's not exactly hard-hitting breaking news—but that's why it's so nice. It's an everyday occurrence, the type of tiny, empathetic interaction that we like to believe happens far more often in our city than we can acknowledge. Of course, that is all assuming this isn't just viral marketing for God Of War 2.

People may think New Yorkers are all rude, miserable, work-obsessed shut-ins who are always in a hurry—and that is all basically true. But we also occasionally give our phones to curious kids. And play with balloons. And have unexpected (and sometimes unconscious) collective moments together. We all hate people who hate on dogs. And we sometimes share our shoes and the shirts off our backs.

If you see something nice on the subway, say something.