Reader Steve McNally sent us pictures and an account of what must have been a wild West Side scene yesterday afternoon. A horse, still harnessed to its carriage got spooked on 7th Ave. around 56th St. and took off without its driver. The horse galloped south down the avenue with its driver chasing behind, yelling "Whoa! whoa!" but unable to catch his cab. Unfortunately, as the horse went headlong into the intersection at 54th St. it was hit by an SUV. The animal went down hard and its cab was knocked loose, spinning up onto the curb where it barely missed several pedestrians. The horse got up, but seemed dazed, and a few New Yorkers walked into the street and started directing traffic around the rubberneck-inducing scene. The FDNY eventually arrived to take control of the situation just as the horse began to get fed up with all the attention it was receiving from the crowd. It limped off across the street with its driver. More pictures after the jump.

(Pictures and account courtesy of Steve McNally)