Jerry and Superman; Image: American Express/DC Comics

If you're wondering who's going to star in the next Superman movie, you're not alone. Then again, it's entirely possible you didn't know or don't care. Superman, who? The casting for the lead role in the movie has gone down the crapper. The list of leading men has run the gammut, from Nick Cage, to Jason Behr, to Henry Cavill.

It turns out that Warner Brothers even posted a listing on Craigslist for the role. It seems like all the listings have been deleted, but the Post has the details from Craigslist, "Late 20s, tall (must be at least 6 feet), handsome, chiseled, good looks, athletic, strong character, all-American, confident yet awkward." I guess Gothamist won't be in the running for Superman (we're not tall enough, but we've got plenty of awkward).

A casting agent for the movie said that there would also be auditions in New York, Chicago, Dallas, LA, and Vancouver. Who do you think should be the next Superman?

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