What kind of person steals anything (except weed, we'd sort of get that) from country music legend Willie Nelson? When the musician performed at Port Chester's Capitol Theatre last week, a fan snatched up the band's stuffed armadillo, which was sitting on stage as the crew broke things down at the end of the night.

According to to LoHud, the stuffed animal is named Ol’ Dillo, and he's a beloved part of traveling road show, belonging to the band’s engineer Aaron Foye. Capitol's manager explains, "It was during load-out. The monitor engineer said, 'Hey, where's my armadillo?'"

His captor was caught on tape, and the video was posted to Nelson's Facebook page, where his team asked: "Someone stole Aaron's Armadillo... Did you go to the show? Did you work the show? Help us find the woman in this video who stole him." You'll see her stepping off the stage towards the end: