A.O. Scott in Cannes; Photo: Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert captured this photograph of New York Times chief film critic A.O. Scott in his Cannes Photo Album. The caption reads:

New York Times film critic A.O. Scott awoke to find a thief had filched his money, passport and computer. "The hotel loaned me a laptop," he said, "but it has a French keyboard, with the keys in different places."

Poor, poor, Tony. The Encyclopedia Brown/Lennie Briscoe in us suspects not some Riviera thief looking for jewels but actually all movie producers, writers, actors, publicists, or anyone else who might be affected by a poisonous review (stealing the passport thing - they wanted to strand you in France, not to mention make it look like the usual robbery).

Scott's review of The Day After Tomorrow begins with "The Day After Tomorrow, a two-hour $125 million disaster — excuse me, I mean disaster movie — that opens nationwide on Friday..."