2006_06_meowmixcamera.jpgMe-ow! We loved the idea of Meow Mix's reality show for cats so much that we had to check out the Meow Mix House for ourselves. The webcams are great, but there is nothing like going up to the window and trying to convince a cat that you're his or her best friend in the whole wide world.

At 425 Madison Avenue, some storefront space has been transformed into a space for ten shelter cats from across the country to hang out and have various visitors (both brick and mortar and online) vote for their favorite cats. Things we can confirm:

- Cats will not pay attention to you when they are in the middle of dinner.
- There are lots of litterboxes - just artfully hidden.
- They have a lot of places to hide, lounge and play - but they do enjoy seeing people in the windows.
- The cats generally get along, but there have been a few dust-ups. However, they each get "alone" time in another room with lots of climbing toys and other fun stuff.
- There is an ASPCA volunteer on site around the clock, along with a security person

While this is definitely an event marketing stunt for Meow Mix, the bigger messages about the adoption season and how wonderful older cats can be must not be ignored. Another cat will be "voted out" of the house this Friday during Animal Planet's 9PM show's commercials, but that just means the cat is adopted and will get a year's supply of Meow Mix.

So, if you want to see the cats on display, go soon - it's ended on June 23. And check out the shelters that participated in the event.