Ah, Craigslist, home of gently used IKEA Malm 6-drawer dressers and the occasional work of deftly-crafted writing. Missed Connections in particular run the gamut between sweet, spammy and downright creepy (Why do you know what kind of shampoo she uses, friendo?), but this one has been making the rounds because it achieves a degree of originality seen only occasionally.

Anyway, who hasn't ridden the train for 60 years waiting for the right time to strike up a conversation with the attractive stranger across from them? There's something touchingly democratic about pouring one's creative energies into a Craigslist post—the digital equivalent of say, a world-class violinist busking in a train station. There's no fanfare, and the risk of going unnoticed entirely runs high.

The Awl immediately stepped in and peed all over it, because we're all going to die so why bother reading anything, anyway—all the clever ephemera and great works alike stored in your brain will cease to matter on the day your brain flicks off, amirite?

In any case, though, the kicker is great—certainly better than this one.