With all the time and energy we've spent resetting every one of our passwords, we totally forgot that today is the day Diddy's (Diddy Dirty Money?) new album, Last Train To Paris, finally drops! Thankfully, the Prince Street N/R station his here to remind us. Reader Erin Slonaker sent us this photo of the hijacked station sign, and apparently there are "conductors" yelling things like "Last train to Paris! All aboard!" through the subway today.

We've contacted New York City Transit to see what they think of this publicity stunt, but we're guessing that sign is going to come down pretty fast. But as Diddy himself says, "Your always gonna have haters naysayers ,people that don't believe in you! Hey that's life! Fuckem!!! Give them no energy and BE GREAT!!" Also, can somebody tell us what the W train is still doing there?