Stan Brakhage's work

The Whitney Biennial opened yesterday, and the big news is that it isn't shocking. The Times Michael Kimmelman calls it "the most cogent and layered biennial in years." The Post finds that problematic, since everyone loves to hate the Biennial (James Gardner's description of "amphibious art" is also interesting). Gothamist would have to agree - there's nothing more refreshing that damning "modern" art during a walk down Madison Avenue...and by its nature, provocative work stirs up discussion and debate. But we will head to the Biennial anyway, for works by both young artists (lovely painter Elizabeth Peyton, who is Sofia Coppola's portraitist of choice) and older ones (including the late Stan Brakhage, influential filmmaker, with his work at left). There are also sculptures and installations in Central Park, co-funded by the Public Art Fund, perhaps perfect to check out during the clear weekend ahead.

The Biennial runs through May 30.