2005_08_walkingandtalking.jpgThe NY Times Business section has an article about how video stores have been predicted to fail ever since the mid-1980s. And then Gothamist wondered how much longer the video stores in the city would last. Ever since we had that incident with some small children and their parents at the local Blockbuster (those were our Twizzlers!), Gothamist has been Netflixing (when we get around to it) our DVD rentals or buying them on impulse at Best Buy ("Oh, my God, it's the third season of Columbo!"), but video stores like Movie Place on West 105th and Kim's on St. Mark's are great resources for those hard to find foreign films or films that are only available on video. Do you find yourself buying more and/or Netflixing DVDs or are you still visiting your local video place?

Gothamist on the mean Kim's closing and the Brooklyn's Reel Life, aka the Championship Vinyl of video stores. And on our wish list: The Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Collection (Vol. 1), Undeclared, America's Next Top Model Cycle 1, Francois Truffaut's Antoinel Doinel DVD collection from Criterion (Hello, Jean-Pierre Leaud). We're also found of Nicole Holofcener's Walking and Talking, as it has pre-Ellen Anne Heche and a sweet depiction of a video store clerk whom Catherine Keener nicknames "Ugly Guy."