2006_02_whippet.jpgQueens residents and people headed to JFK, be on the watch for a skinny, most likely hyper dog that responds to the name "Vivy." Her real name is Ch. Bohem C'est La Vie, and the three-year old whippet had just won an Award of Merit at the Westminster Dog Show, when she apparently went missing at JFK Airport yesterday. Authorities aren't sure how Vivy got out of her cage, the cage apparently was keyless. Delta told the NY Times, "We are working with the local authorities to retrieve the animal" but left it at that because Vivy is a customer and there's a customer privacy policy. Her owner, Jill Walton, who was told about Vivy's disappearance while waiting for the plane to take-off, is worried about Vivy in the cold. And the authorities are taking this very seriously: There was a helicopter involved in the search.

JFK Airport covers 4900 acres. And here is more information about whippets.