How do you do, fellow kids? We are excited to announce that someone has created an NYC Subway Mascot filter on Instagram, which means you can point your phone at your face and it will tell you which Gothamist Subway Mascot you are.

Here's your chance to unleash your own little train daddy, Baby Byford:

To do this yourself, you're going to have to take a few steps.

Open Instagram and search for @jonnysantos on Instagram—he is the certified genius who created the filter—or go to our own Instagram @Gothamist. Once you get there, you can (currently) click on our Stories and then click on the NYC Subway Mascot filter on the top left corner. We'll add this to our permanent stories, too, so you'll always be able to find it. (You can also send the filter to your friends by pressing "Send To.")

Here's a visual of what that looks like, featuring Jen "Bedhead B-Train" Chung:

Lastly, please tag @Gothamist in your Instagram stories so we can see yours and share them!

In case you've read this far and still have no idea what the hell we're talking about, Gothamist recently collaborated with illustrator Matt Lubchansky to create 12 possible subway mascots that could be used to improve relations between the MTA and its users. Those mascots represent and reflect various aspects of our mass transit system, from Trashy (a pro-recycling monster made out of typical subway detritus) to Countdown Clarke, (the adorable countdown clock who is still learning how to tell time) to the heroic The Knap-Sacker (who fights back against people who wear backpacks on trains).

After several rounds of voting on Twitter, The Original Pizza Rat™ won the contest to become our new official subway mascot.

Sadly, there is no Cardvaark option for the Instagram filter... yet.