2008_11_smurf1.jpgSome people were scratching their heads when Macy's announced that one of three new Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons would be a giant Smurf--especially since the popular 80's Saturday morning cartoon hasn't aired in almost 20 years. Though a press release said that Macy's was "thrilled to help the Smurfs celebrate their 50th anniversary," it might have something more to do with the live-action Alvin & the Chipmunks-style movie treatment being given to the Smurfs for the next holiday season. But which Smurf was that balloon today supposed to be? During CBS's parade coverage, speculation ran towards it being Baby Smurf, but where's Baby's onesie? Despite a resemblance to both, he's a little too on-the-go to be either Lazy or Dreamy Smurf. Could it be Jokey Smurf--running from his latest prank? It's just not right about referring to it simply as "Smurf"--the poor little guys are already Communist enough. Photo: pbump on Flickr