Yesterday, Nike released a collection of limited-edition Air Force 1 sneakers, one pair for each borough in New York City. And we have to admit, they look pretty cool. Designed by DJ Clark Kent, the "Five Boroughs Pack" sneakers feature the borough names on the laces and designs on the insoles. Though we're wondering how he chose the color schemes. The in-demand pairs have been flying off the shelves of selective stores all over the city, and is leaving some collectors worried that they may not be able to get all five. What a travesty!

Vinny Cafaro, who owns BX Sports on Pelham Parkway told the Daily News, "We haven't seen demand like this for years....We get calls all day long." Well no wonder, since, as collector Chukwudi Maduakolam of East Harlem put it, "The laces are sick!" At $135 a pair, they better be.

Ganosha Gonzalez of Brooklyn has been able to get his hands on every pair except the orange and black "Staten Island". He waited on line with about 30 people yesterday to pick up a pair of the plum and black "Brooklyn", but it seems the smallest borough is the most elusive. Winston Green Jr. has also been looking hard for the "Staten Island," and said, "There's always one you gotta chase."