Everyone's favorite candy cane-striped trickster, Waldo, has been known to pop up in all sorts of unexpected places (Rutgers, fashion week, Google Earth, New Jersey, etc.), but now, you don't have to wait for him to appear! Take matters into your own hands with the upcoming Where's Waldo NYC Neighborhood Challenge.

Per the Waldo Team's website: "We have constructed a life-size game of Where's Waldo for all your Waldo-Watchers to play. The aim of the game is to find Waldo and his friends within the hour that is allocated, and if you are lucky you can gain points if you find the extra items on your checklist." All materials are provided by The Waldo Team, but all Watchers must be wearing some form of red and white stripes to play. The game is open to all ages, and teams must register ahead of time. The next game is scheduled for June 25th, and there are plans for more hunts over the summer.

The Team also provides a nice breakdown of Waldo's entire crew, including characters who don't always get the same recognition that Waldo does: Wenda, Waldo's girlfriend (who, scandalously, replaced her twin sister Wilma in Waldo's heart), Woof, Waldo's loving pooch, the magical Wizard Whitebeard, and Odlaw, Waldo's arch-nemesis.