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There's some curious old text on a building at the corner of Driggs and Broadway in Williamsburg. ScoutingNY spotted the word "Fifth" marked on the Driggs side of the building and the word "Bway" marked on the Broadway side—but where's Fifth?

A commenter clarifies, saying it's not a typo, but "Driggs Avenue includes 5th Street, Williamsburgh, and 5th Street, Bushwick; 5th Street Williamsburgh was ordered in 1836. The street was opened in 1850." You'll allegedly see a similar sign on the corner of Bedford and North 4th Street, which states one is at the intersection of “Fourth Street” and “North Fourth Street”. Google Maps should really have an "old timey" button so one can click back to see the way things used to be, but then we wouldn't get to look at these gorgeous old maps.