Don't have cable? Want to watch the series finale of Breaking Bad amongst strangers and the comfort of an endless alcohol supply nearby so you can all cope with the pain together? Here's where you can do that this Sunday:

Walter's (389 8th Ave, at 29th St) promises five screens playing the finale, as well as dimmed lights for the big event. They also will allow you to "bring other creature comforts such as PJs, snacks, tissues, ice cream, etc." Also, where else would you say goodbye to one Walter White, eh?

d.b.a. (113 N 7th St, Brooklyn) has the big show airing live, but they also have amazing offerings like Ricin Beans, a Heisenberger, Blue Dream shooters, and more.

Brother Jimmy's (116 E 16th St, btwn Park and Irving) is hosting a Breaking Bad Final Episode viewing party in their private room, they'll have six televisions, and a big screen with LOUD SOUND. Bonus: on top of $3 PBRs and Natural Lights, they're offering a $15 Blue Swamp Waters and $5 Carolina Coolers, made with candy that looks like Heisenberg quality meth.

Bronx Beer Hall (2344 Arthur Ave) promises "a viewing event like no other," with $5 Draft Beer, tons of screens, and "all the meth you can hope for!" Uh oh.

Now, where can we watch the non-stop marathon of all seasons airing on AMC prior to the finale?