Every year, the City's special Fireworks Crackdown Division sniffs out thousands of dollars worth of illegal fireworks and sparklers, because "Roman Candles" and "Grenade Crackers" are instruments of war, not celebration. But despite that, some intrepid NYers still find ways to put on backyard shows for their neighborhoods. And now you can find out where to go if you want to get in on the action.

I Quant NY broke down the data from over 900 firework complaints to 311 since 2010 to find out where the illegal bastards will be set off. Your best bet is Inwood (10034), which had 36 complaints. Bensonhurst and Bath Beach come up next (11214), followed by Washington Heights (10032), Bulls Head in Staten Island (10314) and Gravesend in Brooklyn (11223).

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You can see our previous coverage of illegal fireworks displays in the city here and here.

In case you're wondering why cops are so ornery about illegal fireworks, there have historically been a hell of a lot of structural fires caused by them—it peaked in 1989 with more than 1,000 structural fires ripped through the city on Independence Day. The NYPD has been extra vigilant ever since.

Anyway, whether you're a casual observer or a daring provider of illicit firework pleasure, watch your fingertips, and enjoy the evening haters and losers.