Yesterday, a day before its 40th birthday, Sesame Street was designated with a temporary street naming at... 64th and Broadway? While there are many neighborhoods that went into the set design for the show, many seem to think the Upper West Side isn't the best spot to dedicate a street in its name. However, while the show is filmed in Astoria, the corporate headquarters are actually on the, wait for it, UWS.

Cookie Monster had this to say: "Now there are two Sesame Streets, you know. I hope my mail doesn't get lost though. I hope my mail goes to the right address. Sesame Street." (Check out a cute video after the jump on the origins of "om nom nom nom nom!").

So, where would you put Sesame Street on a real map of the city? Last year we had the chance to visit the real deal, and thought we'd post some more of our photos from that trip. Take some tips from the set, and tell us what you think!