Gothamist had been desperately hoping that bikini model Larissa's secret on Average Joe: Hawaii was that she was a man. Unfortunately, it wasn't, but it was pretty close in terms of stupid things to call a secret on TV: Her ex-boyfriend is Fabio. Yes, that Fabio, the big boobed (okay, they're supposedly pecs, but come on) bodice ripper novel cover model. So when Larissa told the hunk she chose over the Average Joe, the hunk freaked out and rejected her ass (ladies, realize that your pasts can come to haunt you). We're so torn between thinking people are idiots and loving the absurdity of it all.

The next installment, Average Joe: Adam Returns, feature Average Joe Adam picking a gal; Gothamist would have liked "Revenge of Adam" but doubts that NBC would have okayed that - Fox would have, though. Gothamist on Adam's rejection/blessing in disguise in the first Average Joe.