Shep takes over Music Hall of Williamsburg, photo by Gregg Greenwood

Seriously, when will it end? Yesterday we received an email announcing that Deitch Projects was presenting a Shepard Fairey Ace Hotel Special Package and Installation. Really! In conjunction with his MAYDAY show (and billboard on Houston Street, and presumably his clothing line's pop-up shop on the LES), Sir Fairey will also wheatpaste over 80 feet of plywood wrapping around the hotel. And there are room deals and limited edition t-shirts and whatever. We were happy to ignore this, but then today we got another email announcing that Shepard Fairey had taken over the walls of Music Hall of Williamsburg, too—and now we're sort of scared that he's coming for us.

In the latest email it was announced to us that: "Over the weekend, contemporary artist and illustrator Shepard Fairey took over the upstairs bar area at the Music Hall and created a one of a kind permanent installation of two murals on adjoining walls. Listening to a playlist including Metallica, Fugazi, and Band of Horses, Fairey’s pasted posters feature images demonstrating his disdain for the dysfunctional democracy and the need for campaign finance reform." (Weird, Band of Horses is totally on our campaign finance reform playlist, too!)

The wheatpaste is spreading, friends—try not to inhale.