Earlier this week. (Jen Carlson/Gothamist)

Summer officially begins on June 21st, but the seasonal crowds are already descending upon Brooklyn Bridge Park. The area has become a destination spot over the past few years, as the park has been developed. Two years ago a $5 million pedestrian bridge was built to connect the park to Brooklyn Heights, allowing a scenic route to and from the Promenade. Last August, however, the Squibb Park Pedestrian Bridge closed without warning.

The bouncy-by-design bridge had developed a noticeable and unsettling tilt just prior to closing, a problem that's apparently not easy to fix. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation told us back in March that they planned to reopen by now, but the bridge remains closed today.

We reached back out to to BBC this week, and were told that there's at least one more month's wait:

We are hoping to reopen the bridge in mid-July, after we receive a careful inspection and sign off from the engineer of record and the appropriate occupancy permits.

Repairs involved re-tensioning the bridge into the correct alignment and installing cross-bracing and steel components to maintain that alignment, and epoxy repair of certain connections. The work was not only approved by the engineer of record but also peer-reviewed by a third party engineer.

We are continuing to investigate what caused the misalignment, and intend to pursue recovery of costs from any responsible parties.

And as we've previously said, we will release a report following the opening.

The controversial Pierhouse project, in the meantime, has been building up on either side of the bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation told us that Pierhouse (the condo portion) was last scheduled to open in mid-2016, with the hotel and rooftop bar expected to open later this year. That could all change, however, as there's an ongoing lawsuit and battle that has stalled the project.