2006_09_dgliza.jpgMaybe we were asking for it: We were stunned and fascinated by the marriage and divorce of Liza Minnelli and David Gest - the bizarre displays of public affection, the acrimonious claims that a boozed-up Liza could beat David. But now we surrender. We do not like David Gest's new claims that Liza Minnelli failed to disclose that she was a "violent alcoholic with herpes" because we did not need to know that Liza might have an STD. Because our imagination tends to run wild, and this would imply that they would have maybe had...sex. Gest is trying to get their prenuptial agreement voided, because she should have disclosed the "alleged medical condition." The NY Times has some bits from the court papers:

Ms. Minnelli’s lawyer, Israel Rubin, who represented the singer in court yesterday, declined to comment on specific allegations, and would say only, “This whole thing is ridiculous.”

In papers filed by Mr. Gest on June 22 in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, Mr. Gest’s lawyer at the time, Lawrence A. Omansky, discusses some of the background of the case. He said that Ms. Minnelli had accused Mr. Gest of fabricating his claim that she exposed him to a sexually transmitted disease because he was “merely looking to cook up an excuse for a lawsuit.”

Ms. Minnelli has also accused Mr. Gest of being a hypochondriac and of “inventing and/or creating illusory injuries,” according to the court papers.

In the documents, Ms. Minnelli has claimed that “she lived in fear” that Mr. Gest was “trying to poison her with drugs,” and that if she hurt Mr. Gest, it was in self-defense.

And it's so confusing - there's the divorce case, the civil case about the supposed Liza beatdowns. But if this goes to trial, we admit, we'd love for it to be open to the public.