Yesterday, Curbed reported that black squirrels had moved to Boerum Hill. We had noticed them in the Bronx a few years ago, and their presence in Brooklyn suggests that squirrels must know how to take the subway. Anyway, as cute as they may seem, this story, via reader Rachel, freaks us out. In Russia, a squirrel pack "gutted" a dog, and when people came, the squirrels scattered, each taking a bit of the dog with them! A scientist in the Lazo region of eastern Russia seemed doubtful (apparently squirrels might attack a bird's nest for protein) but did say, "If it really happened, things must be pretty bad in our forests." Let's hope squirrels have enough acorns and other scraps - the last thing we want to do is hide from squirrels.

Did you know that black squirrels conserve their heat better? We found that out via Paul Krugman! And there are albino squirrels too - we don't know if albino squirrels and black squirrels make grey squirrels, though.