Another crazy Brooklyn performance artist story: Christopher Hackett, a 31 year old performance artist, suffered facials burns when his "spud gun" malfunctioned, causing an explosion and the police to come calling. "Cache of weapons and explosives" plus maps and photos of the Brooklyn Bridge plus other landmarks equals exactly why NYC is still on Orange Alert. Apparently Hackett repurposes the weapons, with a 15 year old neighbor telling the Daily News, "They're not real guns. He'll form them into different things. He'll take an AK-47 body and turn it into something else," which makes us say, "But they were real guns at one point." Anyway, the Times reported that the police were relieved that Hackett's only crime was illegal possession of weapons and calling a "jury-rigged ice-cream truck that spewed flames from its cargo bay" art. Hackett was treated for his burns yesterday.

Check out the Martin Scorsese short film in New York Stories; it features a Steve Buscemi as an extremely nutty performance artist.