Taking shilling to a new level (low is to be debated), Havery Weinstein and Jim Sheridan have phoned members of the Golden Globe voting Hollywood Foreign Press Association to tell them about their films. The Times says that when Miramax head Weinstein called a member ("This is Harvey Weinstein"), the member said, "I loved the movie," then Weinstein replied, "Oh," and hung up the phone. Miramax says Weinstein was checking to make sure members got the screener. Uh huh. Note to self: When Harvey Weinstein calls to shoot the breeze, get him off the phone by saying "I loved Bad Santa!" Santa!!

In the case of Jim Sheridan, he called to urge members to see his film, In America, which seems important if you're going to be voting a film, you know, that whole "seeing all the nominated films" bit. Plus, it's a very personal project (and a nice film at that) for Sheridan, so Gothamist can understand why he'd wanted to call the members, though it seems a little intrusive. But with Harvey Weinstein, we just roll our eyes and think, "That crazy Harvey!" But according to the very loose Golden Globes rules, it's kosher.

And speaking of crazy, the Times article also mentions how Brendan Fraser was molested by a member (he grabbed Fraser's ass) and another threw wine at Gangs of New York party. That's why the Golden Globes show is so fun! We'll be watching on Sunday, January 25.